A. Job Title: Substitute Early Development Services Coordinator
    Number of Days Worked: ___ days


B. Department: Student Services


C. FLSA Status: Exempt – Professional


D. Immediate Supervisor: Services Coordination Supervisor and Executive Director of Student
    Staff Supervised: None


E. Essential Requirements:


   1. No history of child abuse or negligence
   2. High school diploma required…..however, advanced degrees preferred
   3. Experience in a human services field.


F. Essential Responsibilities:
   1. Understand and comply with the ESU #3 Board of Education Personnel Policies and
       Employee Handbook.
   2. Regularly access the e-mail system for review of materials distributed from ESU #3.
   3. Promote an understanding to families and community of the Early Development
       Network and model of service delivery utilized by specific school district.
   4. Coordinate with medical, health, and other agency providers involved with family.
   5. Provide family support and education utilizing language interpretation when needed.
   6. Assist families in identifying their strengths/resources and prioritizing their
       concerns/needs in preparation for the development, review, and evaluation of the
       Individualized Family Service Plan.
   7. Coordinate and monitor the delivery of services to families in accordance with
       Nebraska Health and Human Services and Nebraska Department of Education rules
       and regulations.
   8. Provide case management for waiver program with the Nebraska Department of
       Health and Human Services.
   9. Inform families of the availability of advocacy services.
   10. Maintain caseload information on CONNECT system for billing and other Health and
       Human Services programs.
   11. Facilitate the development of a transition plan to services available beyond age three
       and prepare families to coordinate their own services.
   12. Participate as an active member of your respective Planning Region.
   13. Enhance knowledge of various topics related to Early Development Network through
       attendance of workshops, seminars, and conferences.
   14. Arrives at the first school building/district/program assigned in schedule at the regular
       start of that programs work day (i.e., 7:45a.m), or earlier if requested, and works
       through the day until 4:30p.m. or later if requested.
   15. Other duties as assigned.


G. At Will Employment: Employment with ESU #3 is not for any period of time, and
employment may be terminated at any time at the convenience of the terminating party,
with or without cause, and with or without notice. Employment with ESU #3 is not
governed by any express or implied contract of employment containing terms different
from or inconsistent with those stated in this job description. The terms of this job
description may not be modified except in a writing signed by the ESU #3 Administrator.